The most effective, data-driven field reporting platform

Out-of-the-box simple analytics. Data can be pushed to your internal BI tools, or you can receive an e-mail data report at intervals.

Automate your inspection-to-report workflow

No more photos, emails, and time consuming manual work in spreadsheets and Word. Our  solution automates the inspection workflow from first photo to final report.

Customise it to fit your needs

With our user-friendly, modular user interface you can make Captego fit your exact workflow needs. Define unlimited data categories, status labels, and predefine descriptions of conditions, making entries fast, easy and organised.

Create your report with a tap

The user-friendly, no-code template editor allows you to define efficient report structures and layouts, including flexible data forms and checklists. With a tap, you can turn your field data into structured and consistent inspection reports.

Better insights with data dashboards

Every registration is automatically synchronised to your dashboard. It accumulates all your data and delivers real-time analytics on performance and progress across time, sites, and inspections. Further, the dashboard can create charts and breakdowns needed to make more informed decisions.

Here’s what makes any inspection great.


Your success is our goal. Our amazing support team is there for you whenever you need us.

Data and analytics

We make your data useable and useful – ready-to-use in your BI tools and other data platforms.

Offline, keep working

Keep working and don’t worry. Your entries get synchronised as soon as you’re back online.

Dictate reliably

Enter registrations reliably with dictation and save time on site and do the rest Captego's report editor.

Invite remote participants

Easily invite remote participants by text or mail. It’s all browser based, so no installs are needed.

Collaborative inspections

Add as many inspectors as you need. All their data are stored and synced real-time.

Share knowledge and save time

Frequently used notes are detected and shared for re-use. It saves time and improves consistent reporting.

Guided surveys for exact output

Guided surveys and checklists allows you to specify registration requirements for exact and easy completion.

Better governance

Captego aligns and structures data collection, improving governance and compliance

Collaborative inspections

Multiple inspectors can add registrations simultaneously. This enables seamless and real-time collaboration between multiple inspectors and contributors. You can assign individual roles and tasks based on categories and location. Every registration is synchronised instantly, so you can monitor in real time what's reported by whom, where and when.

Improve compliance

Collecting inspection data and storing them in a structured manner is key. It enables a better utilisation of your data

Robin Gam


“Captego’s solution for structured data and automated documentation has been a decisive gain for our company”

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