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Are you spending too much time creating inspection reports? You will love Captego.

Engineering services and specialists use Captego
WWA – Ward Williams Associated
Allen Property Consultants
Marsh & McLennan Agency
DCC Shell
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Inspection-to-report workflow automated

Put an end to photos in emails and time consuming work in spreadsheets and Word. With Captego you'll get:

  • An intelligent camera app solution
  • Optimised inspection workflow
  • Just 2-3 taps per registration
  • Auto-synchronised and organised data
  • Elegant reports
  • Real-time collaboration on inspections
  • All benefits of a modern solution your inspectors will love
Illustration: Inspection-to-report workflow __automated__
Some of the construction companies using Captego
Castle Green
Milton Huse
Myhlenberg Byg

Adapts to any project where you need structured, visual documentation

No matter if you're inspecting construction projects, rental cars or city playgrounds, Captego adapts. Our unique no-code template editor allows fine-grained configuration, so the field inspection app will feel like it's built just for your business and users.

  • Define unlimited data categories
  • Unlimited number of status labels
  • Create and share standard descriptions of conditions
  • Flexible data forms and checklists
  • Define report structure and layout
  • Add standard registration drawings

A fine-tuned template greatly enhances the quality of the data collected and makes everyone more efficient at work.

Illustration: Adapts to any project where you need __structured, visual documentation__

Turbo-charge your internal reporting with real-time data dashboards

Every registration is automatically organised and synchronised to your dashboards – in real-time. When using Captego consistently to collect field project data, all your data and reporting is available at your fingertips.

  • Instant insights into projects' performance and progress
  • Easily get the charts and breakdown your organisation needs to make informed decisions
  • Spot irregularities and issues as they happen
Illustration: Turbo-charge your internal reporting with __real-time data dashboards__

Collaborative inspections

Multiple inspectors can add registrations simultaneously. Every registration is synchronised and shared instantly.

  • Add any number of inspectors to an inspection
  • Define who can see and do what (roles)
  • Assign specific tasks based on categories and location
  • The Big Picture: Monitor in real time what's reported by whom, where and when
Illustration: __Collaborative__ inspections

Create and share elegant reports with no extra effort

There's no reason to waste time on work that can be easily automated. When your inspection job is done you can instantly create professional reports. Nicely laid out pages with your logo and company colors.

  • Stunning cover pages
  • Resume sections
  • Table of contents
  • Registration pages with all or just some of your registrations
  • Conclusion pages
  • Overview drawings with all registrations positioned
Illustration: Create and share __elegant reports__ with no extra effort

Packed with functionality to optimise any inspection

Illustration: Rich, flexible templates

Rich, flexible templates

Everything can be configured to match your needs: Categories, status labels, notes, forms, report layout, etc.

Illustration: Standard notes and knowledge sharing

Standard notes and knowledge sharing

When you and your colleagues are re-using notes, Captego helps sharing these notes. This not only saves you time but also creates more consistent reporting.

Illustration: Collaborative inspection work

Collaborative inspection work

Add as many inspectors as you need for every inspection. All data is synchronised and stored in real-time.

Illustration: Elegant PDF reports

Elegant PDF reports

With a couple of taps you'll generate the nicest, most professional looking reports.

Illustration: Dictaphone


Save time on site: Dictate while you inspect. Transcribe when you get home. Audio bits are available directly in Captego's report editor.

Illustration: Offline-enabled


When connection is bad, you just continue working. Data gets synchronised as soon as connection is available again.

Illustration: Data analysis

Data analysis

Out-of-the-box simple analytics. Data can be pushed to your internal BI tools, or you can receive an e-mail data report at intervals.

Illustration: World-class, friendly support

World-class, friendly support

Our ultimate goal is to make you efficient at work. We're ready to help and will stay by your side until you're ready to fly solo.

Share data with your existing analytics tools

Illustration: Share data with your existing analytics tools

See what our users like the most about Captego

I spend literally no time finishing up the layout of the reports our customers receive. I just do the inspection, write comments and conclusion and the report is done. It’s amazingly fast!

Logo: Maria
Engineer, Dansk Bygningsscreening

It requires so little effort. Being able to talk to the homeowners when I perform an inspection is what I enjoy the most. That, and being able to do many more inspections in a day of course!

Logo: Jesper
Technical Inspector consultant, Marsh & McLennan

Captego is an amazing, easy-to-use platform for daily inspection work. At Arkikon we’re using Captego for both technical supervision, defects & non-conformity inspection as well as safety inspections. We are very satisfied with the reports we create with Captego – and we also receive positive feedback on the reports from our customers. We do not see limits to where we can use Captego in our inspection work.

Logo: Dennis
Construction Technology, Arkikon

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