Captego was founded in Denmark in 2018. Before this, Captego co-founder Bjarke spent 17 years in construction working with most available documentation and inspection solutions. He found that all solutions were flawed in different ways. Causing frustration, massive waste of time and inconsistent data. There clearly was a gap in the market – most evident by the proliferation of on-site professionals using just their smartphone camera and email for documentation.

For a new solution to engage on-site professionals and inspectors, it would have to provide the speed and ease of use of on-device cameras. Captego was born.

Founders, Management, Sales & Advisors

Captego has an experienced and growing engineering team spread across most of Europe. We believe the strongest team is built with an international outlook and experience. Finding talent and the best colleagues independently of location and nationality.

Mikkel Bo Schmidt

Co-founder, CEO, Head of Product

Bjarke Schou Bentzen

Co-founder, Head of Customer Success

Anders Nielsen

Co-founder, CTO

Jeremy Sparrow

Head of Business Development, Global

Hugo Gibbs

Head of Business Development, UK

David Fullerton

Head of Sales, UK

Kim Justesen

Sales Consultant

Lasse Overgaard

Customer Success Manager

Gustav Lantto

QA & Product Specialist

Toby Sparrow

Advisor, Middle East/Africa

Christian Lanng


Søren Malmholt


The Captego team is distributed across Denmark, Poland, Spain, Dubai and UK

As a remote-first company we focus on fully digital and virtual work processes and tools. This goes for both our internal work and the solutions we provide to our customers. If you're interested in joining a fast-growing team, you can see available positions here.