Product update: All users can now use the web editor to edit reports

Bjarke Schou Bentzen
September 22, 2021

We just launched a much requested feature: Allowing any user to write and manage inspection reports in the web interface at

The web interface has until now been reserved for company administrators. It allows easy management of company settings, templates, user, etc. In the web interface, Captego also has the super-fast report editor. Allowing only administrators to log in to the web interface has basically been blocking all mobile app users from accessing the powerful features in the editor.

From today, any user can log in to the web interface and start creating and writing reports. Photo registrations made using the mobile app will (as always) immediately be stored and become available in the reports. What some users call "magic". BTW, if you've still not tried opening the report view for an inspection and make registrations using the mobile app, I recommend you try it now.


Anyone who is not a company administrator will see a simplified user interface when logging into An interface with only a few menu items:

This simplified view makes it easier for first time users when they need to navigate around the reports they're creating. At the same time there's no risk non-administrators make unintended changes to templates or other configurations.

The report editing interface is also very simple:

The details...

If you're interested in knowing the differences between administrator privileges and non-administrator tools, read on.

First, administrators have the full package of functionality, including but not limited to:

  • Managing users and subscription plan for the company
  • Managing company contacts (often subcontractors outside the company)
  • Assigning permissions to users = deciding who gets access to which projects and inspections.
  • Manage templates
  • Exporting data
  • Setup company report style (color, logo, etc.)
  • Etc.

Non-administrators can now log in to the web interface and do the following:

  • Open and edit any report they own (i.e. they created themselves or an administrator has set the users as owner on the project or inspection)
  • Modify all registrations in inspections they own
  • Modify self-made registrations in inspections where they are only contributors*

* contributors: A number of companies set inspectors as contributors on inspections. Contributor access gives very limited access to inspections (vs. full ownership). When a user is a contributor to an inspection the user does not have access to edit reports. The user can only see, create and modify own registrations. So if you have 10 contributors on an inspection and 1 owner, all the contributors don't see anything but the registrations they make themselves. Meanwhile, the owner sees everything done by any contributor and can write, edit and create the report with all contributor registrations.


Actually, not much has changed with this release. However, when I describe the interactivity in details, it may seem overwhelming. Don't hesitate contacting if you have questions or feedback to this new functionality.

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